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Selling products with us gives manufacturers, distributors, agents and producers access to UK health food stores nationwide.

The Traditional Route

The traditional route to market via a wholesaler works for many but it comes at a cost. In our experience wholesalers typically expect 30% margin with free delivery to their warehouse, plus compulsory catalogue advertising or listing fees. Having to pay extra for bolder listing and don't forget the promotional and seasonal discounts and all in all that’s a big slice of your profit.
Often catalogues are printed bi-monthly and there are deadlines for advertising or updating your price, which means a change in your raw material costs for example can't be adjusted accordingly with the wholesaler for weeks or months. In the mean time you have to absorb the extra costs. It's a rigid format and you're at the mercy of the buyers, their copy deadlines and the common 60-90 days payment terms.

The Route (HFW) is a modern way to reach buyers. As you sell your products direct to retailers across the UK, we cut out the need to ship stock twice. This means you keep more of the profit, which allows you to offer retailers more attractive deals from time to time and better cashflow, PLUS you are now in control, so if you want to discount a product for a month or even just a day starting say... tomorrow, then you can! Your stock is safe with you the whole time. Unlike a traditional wholesaler, we're not bound by our warehouse capacity, so as long as the products meet our approval, you can list as many as you want. You can add multiple photos, poster downloads, videos and more. You can also add samples of new products to out going orders knowing it's going direct to an existing buyer. 

Retailers can find your products with ease on HFW in many ways for example, searching with keywords, by barcode, by brand name, by product attributes like vegan or organic, product tags, via a press release in our blog or newsletter, by featured product or through special offers. Like all good online systems you can cross-link products to other related products in your range. Something printed catalogues just can't do.

But that's not all! Not only do we make finding and ordering the products easy, we've made re-ordering them easy too.

No longer do retailers need to mark the pages of the products they order, or flick through catalogues finding tiny product codes whilst balancing the phone under their chin and no more ordering the wrong thing because an '7' looked like a '1' on the page... 

By using the App for Android devices, Retailers simply use their smart phone or tablet to scan the product's barcode in-store and it takes them straight to the product page ready to add it to their order. Anytime night or day.

And as long as the barcode associated with the product online is correct, they can't order the wrong item. 

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