UK Leading Vegan NPD

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According to the Global Mintel New Products Database, the UK has knocked Germany off it's no.1 spot for vegan new product development in 2018.


Around 16% of new products launched in the UK 2018 had a vegan claim. 3% more than Germany. 


Overall in Europe, almost 10% of new products carried a vegan claim.


The mainstream trend has been felt by many ever since Pizza Hut and alike started adding vegan cheese options to their menu. Now the likes of Harvester and other chains have dedicated Vegan sections or icons in their menu.


So for the vegan consumers, this is great, new vegan products and perhaps products that were vegan anyway, now being confirmed as vegan by the manufacturer in response to the trend (Shreddies being one of them. Even though it's slightly obvious if your tag line for years was 100% wheat).


But what does this mean for health food retailers?


If you can buy vegan cheese, vegan chocolate, vegan marshmallows, a range of plant milks, ready made vegan pizza and more from Asda whilst picking up your loo rolls, birthday cards, a pair of socks and a house plant, why shop at your local health food store? 


Because not everyone has a supermarket near them? Well maybe, but even my local Tesco Express stocks vegan pesto and vegan chocolate and it's 5 minutes walk away.


The supermarket have cherry picked these basics because there's money in staple foods not novelty imports, but maybe people like novelty foods, maybe people want and like advice when shopping, maybe 1st hand experience of the products is priceless?


Differentiation and experience are key to surviving. is here to help provide you with a range of products people may not find in their supermarket with information to support retailers.

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