GO! Kombucha China White 24 x 250ml

GO! Kombucha China White 24 x 250ml

This delicate white tea – also known as ‘pai mu tan’ – appeals as much to the sophisticated mainstream palate as to the discerning kombucha tea connoisseur. Its smoother tang and fragrant notes make this exquisite prosecco-like kombucha perfect for unwinding and relaxing, especially on those lazy, hazy days.

Very low caffeine option.

Only 4.5g sugar/18 calories/72kJ per 100ml

Organic? Yes
Raw? Yes
Vegan or Vegetarian? Yes
Wheat-Free? Yes
Nutritional Information
Low fat? (<1.5%) Yes
Sugar Free? No
Allergy Info
Gluten-Free? Yes
Nut Free? Yes

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