Delivery Information

How your delivery is calculated.

Each seller has their own delivery costs and most will have a purchase point where delivery to your business is free.

Prices for delivery vary between sellers for many reasons, often it's the product weight and the contract prices sellers have that makes that difference.
The sellers delivery costs are published on the individual sellers profile pages. You can view sellers profiles by clicking on the Sellers icon in the top menu. 

In the checkout the delivery costs are combined into one simple payment, the 'Combined Seller's Shipping'.

"But I get free delivery from my wholesaler"

This might be the case, but hardly anything in business is truly free. Some wholesalers have a minimum spend of £200 to cover the transport costs, whereas our partners may have no minimum which may be helpful for stocking up in between the big deliveries.
Don't forget, lots of wholesalers offer just 25% markup, but thanks to dealing direct with producers our markups are generally higher, so considering a lot of our producers have a free delivery point and offer better markups, buying with means you get a bigger margin.

How long will it take?

This depends on the Sellers courier. I've used all the major courier providers in the past and in the UK 1-2 days from dispatch is standard.
The Seller's give an estimated delivery time on their profile pages.